Sunday, August 5, 2012

Damien Minton Gallery - Eric Niebuhr

Don’t think I’m alone in saying it’s all been terribly exciting about Eric’s first show with Damien Minton, since first seeing his work at MOP Projects. His work plays on your mind, it’s like the heat haze you can see in the distance on an empty highway, all a little blurry but with great intention of being there.

Love how there is flatness and a pool of paint almost like he has summoned an oil slick to sections of the canvas. ‘Funeral Fireworks (after Twombly) 1, acrylic and oil on canvas gives us a mesmerizing affect just before the explosion. ‘Hudson’ oil and acrylic on canvas is a beauty, think it’s my favourite as it’s awash with colour and it made me feel like I was there when it happened.

‘Mor Lovehours For Mike Kelley’ oil and acrylic on canvas another beautiful work of genius, luscious in chocolaty delight. Loved also the series of gouache on paper, one in particular ‘Night and Water (after Avery) moody and aspiring.

So glad Eric came to Australia as this was a great show, nicely hung and always a treat to go to Minty’s.

Fleur MacDonald
17th July - 4th August 2012

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