Sunday, June 2, 2013

Alaska Projects - Ron Adams / Kylie Banyard

OMD, Oh WOW!!!
Kicking myself now that I missed the opening, it would have been a real treat to catch onlookers interacting with this wonderful installation.

As I approached from leaving the confinds of the lift I saw this red glow and I knew it was going to be great.

Never before have I seen the work of Ron Adams, heard lots about it but no sign of it until now and it is seriously good fun. Especially how the colour reacts to the coloured lights, how it changes your percepcion of what is directly in front of you. Love this playing with the mind. It’s like a long wall of wonder, a 24th Century test pattern.

Kylie Banyard… YES!!!

I’ll say this, what a great show, how the work of these two artist’s work so well together, creating an atmosphere like no other, creating an experience like nothing I’ve witnessed.

These ‘Domes of Silence’ make me go all gooey with delight, looking through the camera into the kaleidoscope was amazing, those tools are so much fun. Wanting to reach out and touch with hand but only being aloud to see as it was a feast for sore eyes. Vivid colours melding together in movement revealing their secrets and able to walk away feeling satisfied.

Fleur MacDonald

16th May - 26th May 2013

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