Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gallery9 & Flinders Street Gallery

Marita Fraser, Paul Williams and Sarah crowEST at Gallery9

Marita Fraser challenges the viewer with an orchestrated room of objects, paintings, photos and at times 2 or 3 combined.  As always there is a palpable tactile quality to the materials and media which is an important deliberate aspect of her work.

Spend time in the space and you’ll start to see cohesiveness through judicious repetition of motif, shape and material presented in ways that vary from the other.  It suggests the elasticity of the elements determined by the intent of the artist.  It’s a celebration of abstraction without eschewing the significance of the figurative influence.

I’ve always enjoyed the multi-layered considerations of every aspect in Fraser’s work.  Despite the complexity it still has a direct honestly rendered surface that is from a painter’s perspective very engaging.

The Melbourne painter Paul Williams paints earthy tonal expressionist imaginings that are evocative of the landscape.  They are in fact fabricated not from life but are instinctive vigorously organic renderings that are high in textural energy but chromatically low key.  The density of the paint and tertiary nature of the palette flirts with muddiness but manages to maintain an energetic freshness.

The third artist in Gallery9’s final show of 2014 is Sarah crowEST.  The work is divided into 3 separate series each differing to the other.  Each group are aesthetically appealing going from hard edged non objective to a playful text based interpretation of her surname to painterly freestyle mixed media abstractions.  Despite the eclecticness of the show the uniformity of size and spatial placement enable a cohesive enjoyable show.

Also a show worth a look is a group show of Flinders St gallery artists.  A high quality show of paintings, graphic works and sculptures at 61 Flinders St, Sydney.

Glenn Locklee
Guest Reviewer

3rd December - 20th December 2014
4th December - 20th December 2014

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