Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Folonomo Gallery - Fleur MacDonald

Fleur MacDonald's "ECHO' at Folonomo reverberates through Bourke St. Surry Hills.

30 years of working on wood and paper, this 6-8 lass can certainly choose her palette.  The bowls acting as frames for pencils are little pools of pigment, wishing wells for the idea of drawing.

Solidified, practiced and still ready for the job, the pencils ( of the working class kind ) have settled in a blaze of colour, awaiting the twilight zone of retirement....or have they?  One can only speculate and be drawn into the heat of 'hot lips ' or 'yellow fever' and so on…

Then the bread boards, psychedelically optical demonstrations of the ART of home decoration, a complete set of inverse home entertainment, the sandwich of home truth and abstraction, the ever so subtle reference to the Bauhaus, always welcome in my books.

We swing across to the 50 colour plaques, interesting!  Can't work them out, start counting... 12 Green, 8 Carmine, 12 Yellow, 3 Orange, 5 Purple, 5 Black ( ish ), 2 Ochre, no Blue….

Enfin, the red dots, the penguin, all very finely tuned surreal intimations of the parellel existence.

To Fleur MacDonald, a very fine selection of 30 years of 'Living the Art', Congratulations and WELL DONE!

Jelle van den Berg
Guest Reviewer

6th October - 15th November 2015

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