Friday, March 18, 2016

Ben Roberts Gallery - Jane Lennon

I’m all for a bit of recycling and even better when it’s made into Art as there is more of a guarantee that it won’t go to landfill.  The process of making your own paper requires considerable patience and in Jane’s case years to half a lifetime to create her objects and sculptures.  One day when I visited her at her home I was fortunate to view inside of her studio, I was aghast at what laid before my eyes, floor to ceiling shelves stored tightly with works all made from paper making her studio an entire work in itself!

‘Biophilia’ at Ben Roberts Gallery in Lawson, Blue Mountains plays heavily on the organic whimsical, emanating like stars in our universe but at the same time keeping our feet firmly on the ground.

Chairs, tables, mirror’s and a coffin, yes that’s right a ‘coffin’ ‘Carrying conviction-Six Feet Under’ paper and acrylic, 60x176x62centimeters of recycled paper.  A pink coffin supported with 6 dark red feet, a perfect gift for that person with everything or one that just wants something a bit different to go out in.

Even the 3 tiered food stand was made from paper but thankfully not the really yummy home made dip. Adding to the whimsy were scattered around the top of the table and on top of the coffin were a series of ‘Rodents’ and not all the same, they helped infuse the humour and seriousness of what this work was all about.

Fleur MacDonald

5th – 17th March 2016
Ben Roberts Gallery, 10 Benang Street, Lawson, Blue Mountains

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