Friday, September 16, 2016

Gallery 47 Rylstone - Leo Cremonese

Since moving to Kandos in June this year I have been fortunate to see some amazing diverse work by mid western artist’s and it’s quite exhilarating.  So in continuing my trek through the region there is this amazing show by Leo Cremonese, a COFA graduate and a student of Charlie Sheard.  We saw Leo’s work previously in Terry Burrows ‘In Bed Together’ at Kandos Projects appearing with his lovely wife Libby Varcoe.   Although there was only one painting in that show that more so reflects the same energy as his current show it’s plain to see it’s vibrant and passionate and I’ve been a bit spoilt as I am currently working in the café ‘Coffee Concrete’ which shares the gallery space so I get to spend a bit of time with the exhibition.

My favourite piece is ‘From Death Springs Life’ oil on linen, sadly my camera didn’t do it justice but the colours really pop in this one, particularly the bright teal blue almost electric.  Maybe I noticed that colour more as my sweater on the day was matching in hue.
Eye popping colour palette like something you would see traveling through space on a Starship..  I’m seeing mostly space infractions in this show, I can so imagine space to be like these paintings!..

Second favourite is ‘Untitled’ oil on linen, 76x66cm it has the blood red chunky eye of a supernova star confronting it’s not so future self and imploding to form a black hole, but showing a glimpse of it’s former self in the bright yellow glory of futures end.

And reluctant third is ‘Untitled’ oil on linen, 122x90cm, reveals that luscious dark green which is present in some of the other works pushing darker base colours to come alive and I would like to hope, in creating new planets and or star systems.

Fleur MacDonald

3rd September – 30th September 2016

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