Saturday, October 17, 2009

MOP Projects - Drew Bickford & Nana Ohnesorge

We don't often get to MOP openings ... there's usually something on closer and we are lazy.

We had to go to Nana's though.

Nana's Collages and Sculptures, are like being amongst the ruins of a make believe Versailles with splatterings of paint across intricate found object sculptures and collages of rococo-esque images framed accordingly.

Drew's Mongrel drawings are good and evil fighting for supremacy in a kinda hippy, kinda trippy way. Technically striking, enhanced by being presented on a black wall. There's a lot to look at in each of the works and they leave you feeling that you just might have missed out on something important, so you have to look more.

It's also nice to see a little colour coming into the work...But not too much!

MOP attracts the well behaved and polite young art punter.

15th October - 1st November 2009

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