Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ray Hughes Gallery - Lucy Culliton

With Jimmy on holidays, I'm left holding the mantle for a good THREE weeks!!!

And most excited about being invited by a close friend to this show and meeting Lucy for the first time.

I do love a good landscape show, sorry that should have said "fantastic landscape show"!

Lucy's painting's gave me the feeling as if I was there breathing in the fresh country air. With her descriptive seasonal changes and getting all excited when it snowed the first time, yes I understand I probably would have done the same thing. The need to capture a moment in time is of the up most importance in a painter's life. The flurry and excitement and anxiety, with smiley faced dogs in toe to help move things along, gave her great haste. To produce an abundance of beautiful paintings.

I could gush forever over these works!

23rd October - 18th November 2009

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