Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Damien Minton Gallery - Cecilia Heffer & Rebecca Lavis

In the project room Rebecca Lavis has served us an impressive bunch of paintings about skateboarding ... they're underworked and sketchy, which is always a risk in painting but in this case it works.

They're also whimsical and funny until you look closer and see the black eyes and cracked skulls ... apt seeing that Rebecca couldn't make it to the opening as her eldest son was in hospital after a skateboard incident ...

Cecelia in the front room must be one busy tatt artist... There's sooo much work! Her elaborate lace works are exquisitely detailed.

While this usually isn't my bag, I did love the box framed wee 'collages' using transfers and collected fabrics, they challenge the notion of lace and are genuinely moody. Enjoyed the show but mostly wandered around in awe of the workmanship.

Written by Jimmy

28th July - 14th August 2010

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