Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Watters Gallery - Euan Macleod - Glacial


We'd been waiting for this one for months. Euan is perhaps our favourite painter and so this may be a little gushy.

How effortlessly Euan has changed from desert to ice ... this is a vision we could never have imagined Antarctica to look like ... it's dark blues and greens of ancient ice. The ice seems to hold the collected memories of history. It's desolate and foreign and the figures within it know it.

There is not one bad painting in the gallery and and for such a volume of work this alone is impressive.

Giorgio Pengee, our wee stuffed mascot, who has of late been banned from openings for his incessant twittering was allowed to come to this one ... in fact with the amount of penguins in the paintings it would have seemed cruel to leave him at home... Euan is a personal friend of his and all.

If you don't get a chance to get to this show... at least take the time to view it online via the link below. But considering that Kevin Connor's latest work is showing around the corner at Liverpool St Gallery there's more than enough reason to visit East Sydney.

Ice, lots of ice...Penguins, lots of Penguins, even a stuffed one...

written by fleur and jimmy

7th - 24th July 2010
Watters Gallery

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