Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gallery 9 - Simon Blau

He’s done it again but more brilliantly than the last time... And he’s unfolding an artwork right before our very eyes, allowing us to be close enough to experience each stage in the works inception... I was in awe when I first walked into the gallery and felt the need for a people empty video to show off the work...

If you looked deeply inside a painting you would probably see one of Simon’s works, as the majority of artist’s including myself are only concerned with dealing with the surface of the canvas... I know that sounds a bit weird but just think about it for a second!!!

Playing with the approach of being able to adjust the viewers perception... Just loved ‘Ramp’ and ‘Hinge Drop’ and the lovely ‘Prop for Red’... And sitting on the spacious veranda sipping on a refreshing glass of wine and smelling the sweet smell of Quiss Quarliss helps to reflect on the quiet works inside...

I’ll always be a big fan of Simon’s work...

Written by Fleur

27th January - 19th February 2011

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