Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery - True Story

2010 was edging to an end... Jimmy was off making Art and I really felt the need to liberate my senses via a holiday... And seeing this show didn’t officially close until February 2011, I had some time up my sleeve to finish this post!!!

I am and always shall be a fan of Fiona Hall... And seeing for the first time framed etchings, I became even more besotted!!! These finely detailed series of 6 botanical descriptions in earthy colours which exude a deep seeded dedication for exploring and refining historical reference through the eyes of an exceptional conceptual artist were complimented with Michael Parekowhai's 3 small hand finished bronze trees, ‘The Moment of Cubism’ which looked ready to be planted out...

Organic movie posters encased in perspex expressing the wild imagination of Rohan Wealleans... I loved them, an enormous amount of effort had gone into making these works, bringing them alive in an almost Triffid kind of way... Guess Jesus had to make an appearance too! Seeing it is a Christmas show, with Daniel Boyd creating an exaggerated death mask and 2 digital images manipulated with paint... Oh and if you looked close enough you would swear the eyes moved... Spooky!! Also drawn to Kathy Temin’s ‘Small Black Garden’ a black fur sculpture in the back room, wanting to walk all around it but unable to and laughing with it’s ‘black humour’ and desperately wanting to stroke it... You would always hear that Gallery security guard saying in your head ‘Do not touch the artwork’... But some works need to be touched... just go for it!!!

‘Bubhi and the dark star’ ink jet on paper with fire by Lindy Lee made me question was the idea for this work dragged from the ashes of a memory, as a celestial morphed face seemed to appear coming out of the work...

The Gallery’s back room was thrown into more colour with 3 paintings by Angela Brennan, a nice balance to the other artist’s works... ‘I survived the Ampatuan massacre and all I got was this painting 1, 2 & 3’ really!! You did well David Griggs... You don’t normally get paintings when you survive a massacre especially really big ones!!! I wouldn’t say no...
It was lovely to be bathed in Newell Harry's neon light while sipping on a gin & tonic, my fav ‘Never Odd or Even’ must be the colour green, I’m always so attracted to it...

9 artist’s in this show, a mixed bag of works but somehow compliment each other!!!

Written by Fleur

9th December - 18th December 2010 - 18th January - 5th February 2011

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