Monday, February 18, 2013

Gallery 9 - Jelena Telecki and Simon Blau

May I say that I might just have to gush a little in this post as everyone knows that I’m a big fan of Simon Blau and now a fan of Jelena Telecki.

‘Sitter (after Land & A. Sander) oil on canvas paper promotes deep thought, I was a little mesmerized by the detail in the hair of the lady sitting, you could reach out and touch it, so beautiful. ‘Gregor’ oil on canvas paper makes you think, it’s telling some story but I’m not entirely sure what it’s saying, but I love the shapes and figures.

‘Roland’ oil on canvas paper is another dark beauty with it’s ghost like head in a telepathic conversation, this must be Roland’s mother.

Jelena has a wonderful future ahead of her, her technique and style is unlike any other and I found that sharing the space with the abstractionist Simon Blau gave off a comfortable balance between the two distinct styles.

It’s like he’s stepped back in time to around when his daughter Bella was born, as these are sort of the type of works that I remember him doing when I first met Simon Blau.

These new works are wildly wonderful, full of passion and a care free spirit, almost one that has been caged for sometime and then finally let loose. The colours are explicit and the patterns have exploded onto the canvas, love them all.

 Fleur MacDonald

23rd January - 16th February 2013

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