Thursday, February 14, 2013

David Jones - Sculpture by the Sea

The grandeur of On Seven at David Jones propels these works into the museum setting as they so deserve to be in. I have to be completely honest but I miss the David Jones Art Gallery, use to go there on a regular basis and then it closed. To me it was quite posh, ok I have been to many many galleries but I have always remembered ‘it’ with fondness.

‘Mirador’ the wooden dome by Rachael Couper & Ivana Kuzmanovska is a Grand Design in it’s own right with it’s mega beauty reflecting everything on the inside.

‘Thinkin’n’drinkin’ cardboard monster by Hugh Ramage, love work made from cardboard, it reminds you that it is not only used for making cartons.  ‘Sunken Cathedral’ tree stumps with roots by Bjorn Godwin, a novel idea which would look great in an abandoned field, no one would know that they are not made of wood until you got up close to them. ‘At the Table: are we sitting comfortably’, grassy dinner by Sally Kidall, remember her seeing her work on the beach walk and loved it then and love it still, it’s so down to earth.

‘Step by Step, inch by inch...Towards the precipice’ sand shoes by BAM - Brenner & Medwell, really love this work and have been fortunate to get to know Pamela Lee Brenner for the past year, this piece is like following everyone’s footsteps and realizing that there are so many feet on this planet, it’s also fitting for this work to be shown in a department store that sells shoes.

Fleur MacDonald
11th January - 20th January 2013

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