Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gallery 9 - Stuart Watters and Jade Pegler

Do we ever find what we are looking for, this continual search somehow is like a guidance to our preferred grassy patch. Stuart Watters and Jade Pegler’s work’s are like a guiding light to that grassy patch with a couple of brightly coloured flowers popping out of it.

Chaos from order and vice versa is how I would probably describe Stuart’s work, with it’s recreated mass landfill landscapes set against bold striking background colours. This chaos is hiding many underlying storylines, many lost poems and many quotations which were never said out loud.

Stuart always has a story to tell when you see him in person, he is a very compassionate man with full conviction in his manner, entertainingly knowledgable which is reflected in his work. He’s been around and didn’t come down in that last shower.

As with Jade Pegler’s softly spoken, hiding in the enclosed room, wow, I was a little affected looking at these pieces, found myself with my hand against my heart whispering to myself. If you look closely these works speak volumes, volumes of the Britania Enclopedia, giving us all tips on how we should conduct ourselves.

Sometimes I am very brave and check to see if anyone is looking and reach out to touch the work, I didn’t and couldn’t for some unknown reason unless I found them to be too fragile to even consider it. These wonderful delightful works are beautifully balanced against the compelling strength of Stuarts works in the rest of the gallery.

Strangely comforting in all areas.

Fleur MacDonald

19th June - 13th July 2013

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