Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cstudios Art Gallery - Geoffrey Breen

Light certainly is the headline act at Cstudios Art Gallery this month. Dappled, intense, subdued, forensic. It occupies and transcends developing atmosphere and presence.

Geoffrey Breen is the exhibiting artist responsible for this beauty and exquisite cheeriness. Breen utilises colour in shadow to develop a depth that seizes the realism. He simultaneously gives credit to the imaginative interior with complimentary hues butting together to describe shape. Tracking the meandering light within a room is captured with high key patterning and the weightless and dappled paint application further accentuates this design. There is a Henri Matisse feel to these exquisite interiors with Breen also adopting the use of line drawing within a painting to allow the room to be described without the scrutiny of detail.

As significant as the large interiors are a group of smaller framed pieces detailing kitchen paraphernalia. Utensils are rendered with earthy tones allowing dark underpainting to peek through giving definition and weight. The desirable quality of the luscious paint in these works is sumptuous. Although these paintings diminish within the gallery space there is a quality that appeals and maybe surpasses the dominant interiors.

Breen’s world of interiors acknowledges the fact somewhat surreptitiously of the importance of a secure place to call home. Although perhaps not the intent of the exhibition this is the moving consequence and sympathies ensue as to the displaced in our world that cannot envision the unique comfort we in our pursuit for ever more tend to take for granted.

However due to the fickle nature of the human and the rapidity of shifting emotion one soon recognises the skill of the artist and abandons the sentimentality and superficial concern for our fellow beings that is quite typical of us of comfortable means.

The talent of Geoffrey Breen can be viewed at Cstudios Art Gallery until the 31st August.

Kerri Smith
Guest Reviewer

9th August - 30th August 2014

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