Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Airspace Projects - Playbox-Anie Nheu & Jan Fieldsend

In the relatively new Airspace Projects in Marrickville a collaborative installation by Anie Nheu and Jan Fieldsend is currently on show.

Presented are disparate objects, images and assemblages that tap into subliminal memory without being too literal or specific in references.  A pool of social, emotional and cultural inferences is at play here as is the considered use of space.

This collaboration I found to be evocative in an intimate way as these everyday remnants of humanity present ordinariness as extraordinary.  It is a grand statement coming from the periphery.

As an overview there is a spontaneous fresh feel to this show.   Individually and collectively the pieces engage with a cohesive and playful mix of textures, tonalities, and at times reductive hard edge imagery.  Importantly they strive for an aesthetic beauty which is sometimes lost at the expense of concept.  The install and use of space also adds to the sense of immediacy as an important facet of their creative process.

Glenn Locklee
Guest Reviewer

1st – 16th August 2014

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