Monday, July 21, 2014

Annandale Galleries - The Edge Emerging Artists

The high profile commercial gallery owned by Bill Gregory, the Annandale Gallery is hosting a group show of contemporary, non objective and conceptual art under the title of ‘The Edge Emerging Artists’.

This show is fresh, vibrant and sophisticated. It challenges the often staid offerings of so called established art with its unselfconscious uncompromised bravado. The serendipity and adventurousness is compellingly enhanced by the anonymity of being ‘emerging artist’.

The fact is that perhaps in this environment the work is on the edge and the artists are emerging. In reality this network of artist have cut their teeth developing their processes, exhibiting, collaborating and making connections over time that has seen them ‘emerge’ creatively well before now and such is the nature of creativity will continue to emerge throughout their artistic lives. As the large buzzing crowd will testify the artists have been followed and supported for years through spaces such as SNO, The Articulate Projectspace and Factory 49 amongst others.

Much credit goes to the Annandale Gallery for hosting this show in a space that truly does it justice. For the artists it is a rare opportunity to see their work in such ideal conditions.

The Bright inventive floor pieces of Chris Packer and Susan Buret allows the show to leave the walls and mingle with the crowd. The bold colours and patterns of Sophia Egarchos are commanding images as is the subtle near white forms of June Sartracom. Suzie Idiens once again delights with her shiny super smooth colour pieces that I’m reliably informed were oddly a temptation to lick by a number of patrons. One figurative piece from Catherine O’Donnel is a hyper real charcoal depiction of the urban environment. It is typically a technical tour de force. The contributions across the board are equally as excellent as the viewers all had varying opinions over what they found most engaging.

This show is aesthetically beautiful and conceptually challenging and if viewed with an open mind you will be richly rewarded for your efforts.

Glenn Locklee
Guest Reviewer

16th July – 16th August 2014

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