Friday, July 4, 2014

King Street Gallery on William - Amanda Penrose Hart

Seventy five small works, all torn from sketchbooks created from many trips across the world and out her back door.

‘Syd Sleeping’ watercolour & gouache on paper, 10x10cm, 1997, a wonderfully high spirited cattle dog which always met you with extreme exuberance, I will never forget the day I rocked up to Amanda’s place and he had almost eaten the sofa. His coat was a rich rust, soft and cuddly with soul piercing eyes and this little painting shows me a Syd I never saw.

‘Meat’ graphite & gouache on paper, 2013. Yes it is a piece of meat, just sitting precariously on the edge of a small table tempting fate or waiting patiently to be coated in oil and herbs. It has this come hither appeal to it, the deep dark blood red and the opaque colour of thick fat, this work is as subtle as a sledgehammer and I love it!

‘Wilcannia’ oil on paper, 27x34cm, 2014 is a sheer delight, stands out as an almost favourite. It’s sly weather conditions lures you in, making you pack your towel and cosy and then when you get there all hell breaks loose.

Amanda’s landscapes have slowly matured like a damn good Merlot and is also allowing them to evolve further for lasting appreciation, I’m half and half of wanting to compare them to Tom Roberts and Philip Wolfhagen getting plastered, ok I said it! Her ability to navigate between mediums, still lifes, portraiture and landscape and don’t forget the odd Caravan blinged sculpture is a testament to her commitment to the craft and her existence on this planet.

Fleur MacDonald

10th June - 5th July 2014

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