Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gallery 9 - Suzie Idiens

Gallery 9 presents the new show All Things Being Equal by Suzie Idiens.

Gone are the rich vibrant colours that characterise much of her earlier work for a body that is across the board completely non chromatic black. This uniformity creates a challenge in producing the energy and engagement required using elements other than colour. In the way that written words in black each express a different meaning to these works, when viewed as a narrative contain beautiful variations in it’s finish and architecture.

The result is a satisfying low key but highly evocative body of work. Ranging from gloss to matte to texture each piece explores the poetry of variation and sameness. The manufactured feel polyurethane surfaces Idiens produces are still evident here characterising the work as her own unique process where the hand of the artist appears almost redundant.

The sparsely hung works occupy all of the rooms and hall in the gallery and was for me a meditative experience. Although the black is a neutral black the works exude a warmth or coolness as the light changes around it. The balance of the show may eventuate in equality but certainly not in the context of sameness.

It has more to do with the shedding of the superfluous elements leaving the bare essentials to create the maximum impact.

Glenn Locklee
Guest Reviewer

2nd July - 27th July 2014

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