Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Factory 49 - PAPER@Factory 49

Factory 49 openings are always enjoyable affairs with a mix of amicable artists and supporters.  The work is always fresh, challenging and strong.  I’d encourage anyone with an interest in the non-objective to make the effort to see this current group show Paper@ Factory 49.

Barbara Halnan presents 4 vertical panels created with her own complex process to arrive at a sequence of shapes and colours.  The result is a series that becomes ultimately an aesthetically beautiful experience for the viewer.  They are enhanced by the use of metallic and graphite powders bound with Damar Varnish.

Jonathon Christie’s gouaches are an interplay of lively music like shapes with a seemingly chromatic counterbalance to harness the activity.  Playful and exuberant he backs up his references with an academic knowledge contemporary art and context.

Even more playful is Julia Kennedy-Bell’s 3d paper sculpture and 2d wall piece.  High key colours with a deliberate handmade quality make these pieces energetic and fun.

Liz Shreeve contributes her usual technically mind bogglingly created pieces that reveal something new from whichever angle you view.  Her pieces are borne from the building blocks of nature and are synthesised into these intricate patterned pieces.

Kate Mackay’s squares within squares echo her personal shape and colour vocabulary.  It vibrates with energy while confined within the construct of its formal grid.

Also showing are a fascinating series of graphite on Fabriano paper by India Zegan which is amazing in its textural intricacy and Stephen Wickham’s neon colour saturated digital prints round off an eclectic range of visual possibilities using paper as the core material.

Glenn Locklee
Guest Reviewer

26th June - 5th July 2014

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