Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cementa 15 - Dabee Road Nursery - Genevieve Carroll & Fiona Davies

Dabee Road Nursery located on the edge of Kandos outside an old rustic tin shed and on first sight contains a varied array of farm machinery which could or maybe hold the key to culturally significant agriculture history and or / an OH & S disaster but ideally situated for ‘Blood on Silk price taker, price maker’ by Fiona Davies.

This work explores the continuation of the Blood work that we have all grown to appreciate and expect.  A wall of polystyrene boxes containing what we think is Blood for sale, slotted into the front of boxes are some monitors showing blood types and ICU readings and a catalogue of labeling.  The market caller was given a small script as Fiona says but has added brilliant ablibing to make it all the more real.

Thankfully there is no physical evidence of the sacret red stuff for this squirmish reviewer but the idea was confronting as it created the scary illusion of Blood sold on the Black Market.

Out through the somewhat exotic or ideal indoor/outdoor plants for sale nursery and around the corner to the other side of this rustic shed lies the work of Hill End artist Genevieve Carroll. ‘We Just Want to Throw Flowers At The World’ boldly proclaimed from high up on the front of the shed.  It’s pink frontage with red shadowing set against the weathered exterior summons rose petals to soften the constant depressing blows from the daily onslaught of reported bad news.

Fleur MacDonald

9th - 12th April 2015

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