Saturday, January 30, 2016

SPOT81 - Braddon Snape & Glenn Locklee

Ooh my first visit to SPOT81 in Chippendale where I walked through it’s rather tall and beautiful big wide ornately carved wooden doors and was welcomed by the gorgeous huge high wooden factory ceiling, stepped onto the wonderful enormous wooden tiled floor inviting you to do a twirl.  The space is an amazing temple to Art.

Felt I had to pucker up to Braddon Snape’s glossy steel sculptures as they were so so shiny and lip smackingly good although some of the work looked like they’d just had a hug as with ‘Single Act of Performed Materiality’ air formed welded steel, 80x60x35cm.  And with it’s larger version ‘Performed Materiality (The Lockup)’ 238x114x30cm on which lured guests and photographers to capture moments with it’s highly reflective surface (does my bum look big in this).

Down the other end of the gallery hangs work by Glenn Locklee, with landscapes showcasing the shimmering outer workings of factories and industrial sites.  ‘White Bay’ and ‘Indrustrial Landscape Enfield’ both oil on aluminium composite and 42.5x47.5cm are my 2 favourites, I love how the use of the surface is incorporated into the work allowing the aluminium to catch the light as you move past while studying it.  Giving the subjects a more fluid face and allowing the colours used to represent sun blistered building exteriors.

Excellent work young men!!

Fleur MacDonald

20th - 31st January 2016

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