Friday, February 26, 2016

Grafton Regional Gallery - Highlights

A long way from Sydney, in a regional gallery not near you.

The eminent ebullient Wendy Sharpe opened this show with a lively dialogue on women in art and society.

The highs and lows.  The reasons why it’s easy to be a woman artist working in obscurity, the brilliance of the Gorilla Girls and the resilience of woman artists.  Who wouldn’t be a woman artist when there is such inspiration to just keep going!

The Postcard show, a little gem on a few walls exposing a nice array small beguiling works!  I’d go for the GW Bot, Ken Done and Wendy Sharpe of course but it’s a silent auction so don’t tell anyone.  It’s only a phone call away to place a silent bid and assist in fundraising for the marvellous Jada sssshhhhh !

Photography meets feminism with the outstanding Carol Jerrems and her intimate and iconic photographs.  I can never get enough of her enigmatic photos of everyday people in a decade she has defined.  Pat Brassington is another wonder for me!  I have only mentioned two photographers to get this little article out there.  Many of the works are drawn from the MGSs national collection of Australian photographers.

Check them out!

Bernadette Trela
Guest Reviewer

3rd February - 12th March 2016

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