Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kaliman Gallery - Guan Wei

Gene Sherman of course was there to open the show and to launch the book. It's when you run into Gene that you realise how much you miss Sherman Galleries as a commercial space, great that it's still there but we do miss a monthly show.

We love Gene for her nutty sense of style ... she made it to a 365 Happy Days pic on JP's website for her fantastical art based frocks ... so much fun to watch her and Anna Waldron running around Kaliman like naughty schoolgirls... refreshing to see art folk just having fun ... and even better when you realise that the pissed off cab driver standing outside the gallery beside his car is just waiting, with meter ticking, for Gene to decide when she wanted to leave...

Guan Wei's stylised fragments elude to a history that is all at once damning, confusing and incomplete ... referencing ancient maps the cleaness of the work is almost offputting ... and such sweet sculptures.

Alas, while we have the whole opening speech on video we were a little dazed and confused and forgot to video anything else ... oh well! pics will have to suffice.

25th September - 24th October

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