Saturday, September 19, 2009

Martin Browne Fine Art - Linde Ivemy and Mclean Edwards

What a strange juxtaposition was this show.

One artist so intent on detail and new ideas ... and the other ...

The buzz around the room was that Edwards is in love. Could that be the reason we have no delicious glazes and that he no longer even has the time to stretch canvases? C'mon, plywood... warped???

Linde's work has moved soooo far ahead since the last show (which frankly was a tad scary ... what with those processions and all) this show is heavy on the pop and social referencing. It's really funny! and it's really moving and it's got a paintbrush head man walking a puppy ... Lawdy! what more do you want!

16th September - 11th October 2009

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