Saturday, September 19, 2009

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery - Justene Williams - Mikala Dwyer

Where was Jimmy?

I called. I rang. I tried.

Just where was Jimmy?

So I found myself as half of sixtoeight covering the RosOx shows...

Mikala's work has always been a strange amalgam of objects thrust together.

She seemed to be playing with the idea of art commercialisation. There was something for free and prices went from $100 to up to $25,000. So the canny shopper could feel like a real art buyer.

But where was Jimmy?

Justene's installation Femmzoil caught me by surprise, I walked into the gallery and found three videos all linked by a cardboard box floor... So instantly I felt part of it...

Now! I love my science fiction and this was like a mix between Dr Who and a Star Trek transporter... and all through the magic of foil and cardboard!

It left me feeling oddly validated... but where was Jimmy?

Probably lucky, we would have argued about these shows.

17th September - 10th October 2009

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