Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blank_Space - Recorded

I love the concept behind this show and sorry I missed out on making one...

Curated by Madeleine Preston and a job well done, simple but affective!!!

From cartoons, hair covered faces and definitely one Michael Jackson would have been proud off...a wide choice, but only on for a short time and a must to see...

30th January - 5th February 2010


  1. artists in RECORDED - The Music Poster Show are in alphabetical order are:

    Mary Byington
    Eva Collado
    Adam Dorahy
    Miranda Douglas
    Jim Fardouly
    Guy Fullerton
    Tony Garifalakis
    Irena Hannenbergh
    Danielle Judd
    Stephanie Kanhukamwe
    Lynda Kennedy
    Sam Khusunawi
    Melletios Kyriakidis
    Angelina Luckett
    Laurin Mackinnon
    Sebastian Perez
    Madeleine Preston
    Greg Shapley
    Mark Taylor
    Darren Wigley

    any further information about the artists showing their work or the cost of their work - please contact me via my website and i'd be happy to forward your enquiries to the artists, thanks Madeleine

  2. oh, sorry, if you are having trouble finding the web link its

  3. This looks exquisite...well, anyway, I want to see the poster exhibition and anything else you choose to curate, Madame Madeleine.