Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wilson Street Gallery - Theresa Byrnes, 'Nest'

We'd never been to Wilson St Gallery before and what better reason than to catch up with Theresa, over from New York, and see some of her current work.

I must confess that I love Theresa's work... ten years ago I bought this painting, "Off the main road" and it is without a doubt one of my favourite ever things.

The inkworks in this show are delicate 'fractals', flowing organically ... it's a pin up show and they appear to float in the large whiteness of this space.

'Nest' has a performance as well, Thursday the 17th of January, 7.00pm. I've never seen Theresa perform and she hasn't performed in Australia for 22 years ... I've seen snippets of video and I can't wait.

What was the 5pm-7pm about? I'm sure that a lot of people just didn't get there after work fearing it would be over before they got there ...

6th January - 17th January 2010

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