Sunday, January 24, 2010

MOP Projects

Cherine Fahd - Nicola Smith - Kenzie Larsen

MOP starts it's season with three good strong shows.

Loved Kenzie Larsen's "How to change yourself into an object" video.

Nicola Smith's "The Crowd Overwhelms Baptiste" is taken from the last scene of Les Enfants du paradis. She paints what is effectively the same painting over and again ... a tad scary for anyone with a phobia about mime artists. Apparently if you ask her nicely she will paint a version in acrylic in your home for free... If I had a wall I'd certainly be chatting ...

Fahd's 'Hiding' Self Portraits are a sweet twist on the idea of portraits. For 100 days she has taken a photo of herself, but used something on hand as a mask. They're delightfully twee domestic moments and after seeing 100 photos of the artist I still couldn't recognise her at the opening!

Well worth a look.

MOP Projects
21st January - 7th February

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