Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Damian Dillon - Jailbreak

This was our first visit to Artereal Gallery and what a mighty space it is!

For those not in the know ... this is an old fire station in Rozelle renovated to the nth degree to be just a beautiful space ...

The gorgeous Cash Brown convinced us we should travel to the literary end of town and it was worth it. 

Damian Dillon's show is mysterious.. His large format reworked photographs, printed onto aluminium, portray composite visions of high rise suburban high density housing.

They're composites of all over the place ... Berlin, London, Hackney, Dublin, Sydney ... bits of vistas show through, but what you're looking at is deceptive ... he's managed to put together views that at first glance are at one ... but ... when you look further it's all the same with tiny differences ... here's the mystery ... high density housing everywhere is remarkably the same ... until Dillon gets his ink out and marks out what could be memory or what might be premonition.

Love a gallery that caters and that zucchini slice was the yummiest thing.

Written by Jimmy

Artereal Gallery
4th August - 28th august 2010

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