Monday, August 9, 2010

The Exquisite Pallette 2010 - St Luke artists colourmen

With Fleur having a painted palette in St. Luke artist colourmen's annual palette show we took advantage of the Dan being in Melbourne and anointed him as an agent ... so it's over to the Dan to take over this post ... take it away Dan ...

St. Luke have put on a show chockers full of diverse talent who were invited to create works on the good old fashioned wooden palette. Pieces ranged from eye popping 3 dimensioned  to the deceptively simple and witty... re: Thick as thieves.

A big turnout and with a tiny store it seemed almost inevitable that some carnage would happen ... bearing in mind that there are over 200 works from 100 artists and carnage did happen... a lovely Frank Lloyd-Wright inspired wall sculpture was meticulously being reassembled by the person who had knocked it off the wall ... overheard saying, " I've already bought two! ... I don't want to have to buy three!"

A special thanks to Louise and co for the warm reception.

written by the Dan

30th July - 1st September
St. Luke artists colourmen

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