Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TIGHT Projects - Marisa Purcell

Watch it, I'm going to gush...

After making friends on facebook, we have connected as 'Real' friends!!!

Marisa is as beautiful as her paintings, this series may be small but each work speaks volumes... With content to connect with... A sense of longing... losing a loved one... The images maybe blurry, but the effect is crystal clear... With a hint of a white Christmas...

Everyone's perception is different and that's the beauty of creating a work of Art, it makes us think about what we are looking at and how the Artist was feeling when creating the work... Call me crazy but I feel an essence of Rothko, but just a little... As all Artist's have insecurities, it's nice to let them know, that we as there public can appreciate what they put into their work...

written by fleur

10th August - 28th August 2010

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