Sunday, April 21, 2013

James Dorahy Project Space - Julie Krone and Emma Lindsay

To start with I must say that was a most joyous opening and one that I was looking forward to seeing and being at.

It’s funny how people respond to how Art is made, how everyone’s perception of Art is so different. The traditional practice is mostly recognizable from a distant but the more unconventional practice needs on many occasion an introduction, especially for the novice.

As with the work ‘Nothing’s Black or White’ by Julie Krone, it’s not unconventional, especially in this day and age where Artist’s have a much more freedom of speech with their work. Working with structural building products as these lovely lumps of wood, don’t get me wrong as I love a good block of wood and including those with words printed all over them. These ‘modules’ reflect the wonderful realization of black against white and vice versa. We need that balance of hues laid out in front of us. The intensity of each phrase running towards infinity reminds us that life is short and we need to keep reading.

‘Lovesong’ like the Simple Minds song, builds you up and drops you down but you are in awe, awe of this beauty before you.

I too experience the birdsong outside the studio, since moving to the mountains away form the city this birdsong has become an anthem to each waking and close of day. It is a constant to pick up a feather which I place around my entrance hall mirror.

Emma Lindsay has released the essence of these birds, created more of a remembrance of each beloved native bird. Like death masks that humans make, these birds will be remembered forever. Their true intensity of colour and stature reveal what they must have been like in full flight. Her painting technique has somehow given them eternal life but only on a canvas as they cannot fly away.

‘Still (Endangered Northern Quoll)’ oil on gessoboard is a testament to her talent, love the shading on the cloth and tiny tiny detail on the pin heads.

The attention to detail has exposed the fragility in all of these works, pushing us to take care and spend time to listen to the sounds of nature if in case it disappears for ever.

Fleur MacDonald

26th March - 21st April 2013

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