Sunday, March 24, 2013

James Dorahy Project Space - Stephanie Monteith

Never seen in my life a painting of a blow up doll especially one that has been painted so well, it’s perfect, but there is two, one that is inflated and one that is not. Both painted to perfection to the point of giving life.

‘Sunbaker’ oil on linen is quite wild with it’s real life plastic fantastic, this is what a blow up doll that’s been deflated and lying on a beach towel looks life. Careful skin tone and a beautiful rendition of detailed perfection. Does ‘Pump’ oil on linen remind you of anybody with it’s oh so 80’s look. I love the sweat band at the base of the pineapple’s green bit and the use of hot pink and red together. So cool.!

From past show’s Stephanie has proved to us she can paint a skeleton very well and now she is painting real life people too but she doesn’t need to prove anything to us as we all know she is great painter. Really love the wistful gaze of ‘Waiting with Neil Evans’ oil on linen, his hair and checked shirt bring his beautiful skin tone out for all the world to enjoy, this one is a real beauty.

Does the white ‘Carnation’ oil on linen mean new friendship, hasn’t it always meant a new beginning for two lonely people or am I just kidding myself, this little painting is really lovely, a good choice as an introduction to a wonderful show.

Fleur MacDonald

26th February - 24th March 2013

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