Saturday, March 23, 2013

A - M Gallery - Louisa Chircop

Last year I was very fortunate to have my portrait painted by Louisa for her Archibald entry, sadly it wasn’t hung but it did make it to the second selection. That painting is now hanging in my lounge room and so far it is the best painting anyone has ever done of me. It’s not about vanity as every time I look at it I see something different, it’s the way it’s been painted, thin oil washes that reveal the depth of each gossamer layer.

I know I am no oil painting but this painting is, Louisa has a wonderful innept understanding of colour and perspective, he current show ‘A Scattering of Pages’ show’s us at her best at creating and wielding a fine web of intrigue devulging stories from her family history and her nightly dreams.

‘The Grand View’ held each other’s hand as well as mine and maybe not just mine, it created a wonderful story within it’s snow covered pine peaks while sitting on a bench holding hands.

‘Skip’ is a gust of hot air held in stasis, it’s quickening to a quiet approach is impressive, where does Louisa live in her head and can I go stay there.

Where does one yield a close proximity to sane and insanity lie, on the edge of a canvas. I love her brain and I love her work, oh Louisa do not stop, do not ever stop painting.

Fleur MacDonald

6th March - 23rd March 2013

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