Saturday, March 23, 2013

Edwina Corlette Gallery - Jessica Geron

Jessica Geron's  latest solo at Edwina Corlette Gallery is a bold break from her previous work which has predominantly referred to pop culture.  These more personal images draw from the artist's own experiences, many of them inspired by a recent move from Sydney to Brisbane and her response to the different architecture - raised houses, and semi-tropical lushness of the landscape.  Jessica says that she thinks this is very much reflected in her palette which is bolder, less self–conscious and almost garish.   

“Moving to a new place brings a certain sense of isolation and I think this helped me to be brave about my painting decisions,” says Jessica.

“The landscapes all come from holiday snaps or drives around Brisbane, getting to know the area and looking at real estate. Looking for a new home provided me with some interesting material.  The houses were made to look glamorous for the inspections and I felt I gleamed a lot in those five minute visits about suburban identity and aspiration.”

At first glance the works could be mistaken for collage.  However they are skillfully composed oil paintings, full of texture and energy – a must see.

Amy Clarke
Guest Reviewer

5th March - 23rd March 2013

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