Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mils Gallery - Ida Lawrence

Bloody Woop Woop is a great name for an exhibition, it’s one of those saying’s that you don’t hear much anymore and it’s one of the greats.

Barmedman, as I’ve never heard of it, sounds a bit like my home town of Rockhampton, I get that it’s always dry and usually looks like a dust bowl but these places have character and lot’s of stories to tell.

This series of paintings also tells lot’s of stories, they also come across as works created by a seasoned professional, I could say they have traces of Colin McCahon and Imants Tillers as there is a text overlay but as Ida is quite young and is making a mark for herself, I believe there is no need to reference her work to anyone else as this show stands alone.   Strength and power with paint and word is a powerful medium and even more powerful coming from someone who understands there own landscape and family history.

Go forth young lady and re-educate us all.

Fleur MacDonald

27th February - 10th March 2013

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