Thursday, October 30, 2014

Front Room Gallery - Headway

Artists: Mel Baldwin, Meg Corcoran, Alex Genetzakis, Lynda Gibbons, Erin Reid, Jonathan Gilbert, Johanna Lynch, Kimberly Minto and Emilie Tseronis.

Art of course is the principle reason for taking a stroll about the west end of Hunter Street. Us arty types know that but the addition of a good dose of sunshine quickens the step so with time on my side I ventured that little bit further and traipsed to the art school to see the latest offering from those dedicated students. And I’m sure glad I did.

What I love about art schools is the willingness to take art that step further out of the comfort zone and away from the notion of the safe and saleable.

In the foyer a collection of strange sculptures by Melissa Baldwin echoed the primitive. A sense of Stone Age tool meets Dada crept in here. Around the corner her oil painting “Dapple” had more conservative dynamics. Emilie Tseronis continues her exploration of the mark with jaunty brush strokes delivering expressive results. The print makers were also in fine form with Jonathan Gilbert holding the fort. A keen sense of the ludicrous was achieved with his drypoint etchings. It appears that whips, chains, piercings and pursed lips were strutting their stuff. On a softer note the images of Kimberly Minto titled Velvet Lace were delicate, subtle and a nice diversion. In the upstairs gallery I enjoyed the screen prints by Erin Reid titled “Acid Cats”. The simple line defined the elusive quality of that barbed beast. Also noteworthy is the naivety of Alex Genetzakis’s art. The woodcut prints contained simplicity of detail pertinent to the subject being explored. Her acrylic on canvas painting titled “Fernleigh” revealed an uncomplicated composition and technique that smacked with atmosphere and tension. 

They’re a group of emerging artists evolving and exploring, willing to travel the uncertain path that is art. The students are to be commended on an exhibition well done.

Kerri Smith
Guest Reviewer

14th October - 24th October 2014

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