Saturday, November 29, 2014

Conny Dietzschold Gallery - On Site & Covers and Grids

A brilliant day out to look at some Art started with a train trip down the mountain to a Darlinghurst gallery on Crown Street. Conny Dietzschold at number 99 is showing off a newer space with a cavenous interior and a wide street frontage.

‘On Site’ works by Daniel Gottin from Switzerland and Salvatore Panatteri from Australia inviting us to explore the inner beauty of these works. Personally I love the block colour’s, lines and processes in these works. Offering me another chance to explore the unknown landscape these artist’s venture to. 

Fortunately I had the opportunity to meet Daniel and talk to him, he wasn’t too keen on talking about his work as most of us believe the work speaks for itself and doesn’t need to be explained. But from one artist who paints still life's and is currently enjoying being exposed to minimal/non objective art I kinda wanted to know what goes on in the head during the making of these sublime works. 

‘Untitled 1-32, 2014 adhesive textile tape on anodized aluminum 20x20 at $600 each or buy the whole set for $15,000. I would have if I could have, everytime I see an art work in a gallery that is for sale that I love, I check my bank balance, sadly for me I’m a low income earner and sometimes I get in a tizz and the heart starts racing and I desperately try to work out how the hell I can pay for it. All of the works in this show are affordable to anyone even me.

Really loved ‘Untitled 12, 3 & 5’ 2008, acrylic, adhesive tape on wood, mixed dimensions, intimate pieces to die for. And ‘Network 53’ 2014 adhesive textile tape on wall (site specific) 326x874cm encompassing two walls at the front of the gallery, creating a new space within a space which changed my perspective dramatically.

‘Untitled (01-12) & (01-03) chroma-key red, acrylic, anodized aluminium, mixed dimensions by Salvatore Panatteri are in a whole other dimension, they feel like snapshots from architectural drawings, the boldness of the colours give them a higher edge which make them jump out at you.

Down in the back room there is ‘Covers And Grids’ amazing works by two artist’s Amanda Ryan from Australia and Gerda Maise from Switzerland. Amanda’s coloured folded forms create the illusion of folding time and space, if only it was that easy. Her use of dress and furnishing fabrics in bold and complimentary colours reached out to my inner sewer. Particularly loved ‘Yellow Folded Form 1, 3 & 4, 2014, fabric, wadding, eyelets, stand offs, mixed dimensions, three rays of sunshine to brighten anyone’s day.

Gerda Maise who happens to be Daniel Gottin’s wife has three very different works to her husband which gives a good healthy balance to any relationship. Creating grids with assorted coloured ribbons against block coloured fabric backgrounds reveals different drops in the pattern by being hung on a wall, if they had been on stiff fabric there would be no subtle change in the curves of ribbon and even with the vertical lines which makes the fabric move inwards from sides. There is a sense of calm to these works and I felt relaxed looking at them.

Love Conny Dietzschold Gallery.

Fleur MacDonald

4th November - 29th November 2014

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