Friday, March 13, 2015

A-M Gallery - Sallie Moffatt

Sallie Moffatt’s latest show The Loaded Line is currently on view at A-M Gallery in Newtown.

This beautiful show is an assertion that the best things result from simplicity.  There is nothing superfluous in these drawn observations where every mark exists for a reason.  Armed with just paper and traditional drawing materials Moffatt leaves herself nothing to hide behind but her substantial intuitive abilities to observe and draw.

What’s evident in this work is a highly evolved combination of intense observation and a visual language of marks and lines that evokes rather than illustrates the natural environment.  To isolate a portion in each work you would find an unrecognisable section of abstraction.  As a whole the landscape is clearly on view.  The result is a more sensory experience of the landscape that elevates it beyond pictorial mimicry.  For me these drawings succeed first and foremost as considered cohesive works of art implementing the landscape as their vehicle of expression.

The Loaded Line is on until the 28th March at A-M Gallery - 191 Wilson St Newtown

Glenn Locklee
Guest Reviewer

3rd March - 28th March 2015

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