Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gaffa Gallery - On The Horizon

Alexander Cooke, Amelia Toelke, Bridie Lander, Helen Mok, Jose Marin, Melinda Young, Rachel Timmins, Regina Middleton, Rhonda Dwyer, Teresa Milheiro.

This exhibition will put forward scenarios and propositions regarding possible futures.  It raises questions about how our bodies, our society and our environment will change as we continue to develop advanced technology.

In the past 50 years we have seen advances in technology that are incredible and previously unimaginable.  And in all likelihood we will see in the next 50 years a continuation of these advances. We move towards the use of cloning, genetic modification, nanotechnology, robotics, computer augmentation, environmental engineering and so on.  Some of these technologies are already being used or are very close to being implemented.  There may be other technologies afoot that are as yet unknown.

It is not clear yet whether the mood of this exhibition will be dark or light.  Perhaps it will be a combination of both.  Perhaps this uncertainty in mood is a reflection of the greater uncertainty that looms over us regarding what is going to happen during our life times and beyond.  We are often hearing tales of doom and gloom about the future, particularly with respect to climate change and environmental destruction, as well as weapons and conflict between nations.

Despite this, we continue with our lives and things seem to go along pretty well as normal.  As a crisis point is reached, will there be a motivation to transform the way that we live using transcendent and amazing solutions?  As time continues on, will we see disintegration and disaster OR new beginnings and ways of living?

Curated by Michelle Genders

Sponsored by: A & E Metals and Eckersley’s Art and Craft 

19th March – 30th March 2015

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