Sunday, May 10, 2015

Cementa 15 - Margot's Paddock - Georgina Pollard

Georgina Pollard is best known for her amazing woven paintings made from paint, but this new foray is even more gorgeous, if I could have I probably would have laid down under it and waited for it to drip into my mouth, minus the ants or attempted to lick it, but very carefully as to not rip my tongue apart on the ginormous thorns.

There was a similar work hanging from a tree in the Clandulla State Gallery, this work and the one in Margot’s Paddock scrape against the fine line between nature’s idea and man’s idea of a chandelier of temptation and contemplative musing.  A tree branch dipped into a vat of toffee and hung from a tree, it’s surface glistening in the sunshine tempting fate and overlooking the empty reminder of a once thriving Honey producer.

It’s beauty rekindles lost childhood memories of toffee apple eating and trips to the Dentist.  Toffee as a lure for the Bees or as said in the catalogue ‘an apology’.  We need to plant more flowers to convince the Bees to stay, suggesting they create an army of killer bees for companies like Monsanto.

Fleur MacDonald

9th April – 12th April 2015

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