Friday, June 19, 2015

Depot II Gallery - Amy Clarke

Found myself swiftly delivered via public transport to see this show on a cold and windy day and it’s been awhile since I’d been to Danks st.  Depot II Gallery seems to be the best place to prop up interstate artist’s, to give them some time out of their comfort zones and to show off and air all their hard work.

This being the very first time I’ve been up close and personal to the lovely Amy Clarke’s work, relishing in the exuberant brush strokes and delicious colour palette.  Kinda caught me by surprise as have only really seen her works via Facebook, so I am greatly relieved and appreciative to be able to see this show.  An especially since Amy is also our Guest Reviewer from Queensland.

‘Fleeting’ oil on linen, 1200x1200mm is one I love and perfect as a donation to the St Vincent’s Curran Foundation Healing Arts Program.  It feels it has reflective qualities, urging memories to be remembered.  ‘Out There’ oil on linen, 1200x1200mm is another I fell for, tracing itself across a barren but colourful landscape, I kept coming back to this one.

‘The Unknown’ oil on linen, 1200x1200mm boldly reminds me to never be scared of the unknown, holding myself firmly in place with both feet on the ground.  ‘Beginnings’ oil on linen, 1050x1050mm is another of the bold kind and another I fell for, slapping me right dead smack in the face and then smothering me in it’s warm afterglow.

These works reassure us that the language of colour can be fleeting and should be allowed to grab us by the shoulders and force us into a comfortable chair to gaze upon them for eternity. 

Fleur MacDonald

10th June – 20th June 2015

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