Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Australian Galleries - Roylston St - Tim Storrier

In the 80's I lived in an apartment with one of Storrier's big sail works from the point to point series... it was beautiful. Gritty yet subtle. I still shudder when I think of the day it left. My good friend Bill Roberts was ill and needed cash. It was the height of the recession and Stuart found a buyer in the US and it went I think for $19500. Bill and I cried as Woollahra Art Removals carried it from the room ...

Lawdy ... that painting would buy a house now.

This show is a bit of a mash up. Where mystery is suggested it's more like melodrama... a bit more Peter Lorre than Peter O'Toole... but then maybe that's because every time I see a fez I think of Groucho Marx.

The paintings are beautifully painted and there are some great ones here, but the long wall of figures suggested by the remains of their belongings tends toward the formulaic.

25th May - 12th June 2010

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