Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gallery 9 - Angelica Mesiti

It was a real treat to finally see Angelica Mesisti's winning Blake Prize entry without the cacophony and over hanging of the Blake Prize itself... and it is beautiful ...

Having seen so many bloody videos at the biennale there was room for comparison and Mesisti does GREAT video.

I'm going to have to go back and see 'Line of load and death of Charlie Day' it was shown in the back with only two headphones to listen with and while I did get a chance to use them it just seemed like a bit of hard work to stand there in a crowd for fifteen minutes.

'Heritage Park' was just good old fashioned sweet, very quietly a band plays in a park ... shame about the people watching talking all the way through it ...

'Old time' has a passion which is enthralling ... ostensibly just  a man reading a poem ... but it's so obvious how much he loves what he is reading.

There's a lovely variety in the four works ... they all describe a different form of passion ... yay!
12th May - 29th May 2010

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