Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oh Really Gallery - Alex Fry & Jamie Nimmo

My first visit to Oh Really Gallery and it was a lot of fun.

It's all 3d! 3d! 3d! at the moment and it's a great treat to see a show using old 3d tech stuff... the stuff of the fifties and sixties and somehow I find it a little more convincing or maybe just a little more nostalgic ... well let's face it '3d' is just about an optical illusion... it's all still 2d really.

These photos are well shot and would stand out well even without the novelty... and the lads at Oh Really have pulled out all stops to make the show look great ... their very lovely space, an old shop in Enmore Road has floating clean walls ... in this case they're painted neutral grey, which really works when you chuck on a pair of old school cardboard 3d glasses.

I was expecting to see a room of people wearing them but quickly worked out that if you wore them for longer than a few minutes the vertigo set in .... errr ....

Some great subjects in the show from the very lovely Craig Ruddy to Morris Gleitzman to Richard Neville.

A great conversation piece to have in your house and apparently they were quite cheap... couldn't find a room sheet though and I'm fairly certain that most folk didn't even know they were for sale... which for all the effort seemed a bit of a shame.

I'm certainly going to be watching this space and urge everyone to have a wander in if they're in the hood because they are lovely pics and a hoot.

Stereo Portrait Project
Oh Really Gallery, 55 Enmore Road, Newtown

27th May - 10th June 2010

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