Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gallery 9 - Jelle van der Berg

My word!!! Yes indeed, love a good watercolour and works that say something, even better!!!

I promise I won't gush, but I have been a fan of Jelle's work for as long as the sun has been in the sky...just kidding...maybe since the 80's...He can hold your attention with words like Poet, Rain and a smudgy Golf...with backgrounds that are almost dreamscape...Got to love watercolour's...But is this show a history lesson in Jelle's technique...As I am mesmerized by two works from 2006, then bought into 2010 with a series of stories and a tighter approach...I guess yes...

But where was the one on the invite?

Written by Fleur

2nd June - 19th June 2010

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  1. Since 2008 I've had three painting classes with Jelle as my tutor. I hope to see this exhibition at the end of this week!