Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sullivan+Strumpf - Alexander Seton

I've always been very impressed with sculptors who can imitate surfaces in marble. Seton's last show here had tshirts hanging on coat hangers and stupid me thought for the first half hour that I was looking at a t-shirt show...

This time it's inflatable objects... complete with plastic stoppers glued onto the side... or not inflated in the case of the unfortunate whale.... or maybe it's a grotesque face ...

On the walls marble carved temples inlaid with graphite and watercolour document the larger carved pieces.

Technically the carving is flawless... but the show tends to rely a little too heavily on the blow up palm trees... there's a lot of them! ... and what were the backdrop and carpet tiles about?

written by Jimmy

8th June - 27th June 2010