Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chalk Horse - The Nothing

We walk into this show thinking...'Are we in an alternative reality'...'NO'...It's a group show of Melbourne Artists working with minimal conceptualism...Brilliant!!!

I fell in love with Lou Hubbard's work 'E.T.' simple but very effective...while Jimmy loved the Sanne` Mestrom 'A slow shift in the balance of power'...I also loved that one too...that work was a little more interactive then the rest of the show...and we both loved the Deborah Ostrow 'Series, Deviations of Nothing: re-worked and improved' which reminded me of work by the 80's performance artists 'O'Flate from Brisbane...with references to digital medium through analogue...

This is one show that shouldn't be missed and both Jimmy and I always make an effort to support interstate shows!!!

written by fleur

10th June - 28th June 2010

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